What is Awes.IO?

🤖 Awes.IO (pronounced /ˈɔs.ˈi.oː/) is a web platform, based on a modular system for building progressive web applications (PWA).


It’s built on top of the latest release of Laravel, the most popular PHP web framework. Using Awes.IO, you are free to take advantage of Laravel's core great features, packages and at the same time reduce development time. Like a frontend framework, we use the Vue - progressive framework for building user interfaces. Awes.IO supports server-side rendering (ie SSR), while Nuxt makes it easy to integrate various configurations for server-side rendering.

Supported devices

We are supporting all Mobile devices and Tablets.

Browser support

The following table lists the versions that Awes.IO is tested on. "Latest" means that it works just fine on all recent versions of that browser. With many browsers moving towards a rolling release strategy, pinning down browser support to a specific version has become a little tricky in recent years.

Chrome Firefox Edge IE11 Safari Opera
Chrome Firefox Edge IE Safari Opera
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